Update 6: Hostile World Patch notes

2020-04-09 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Hello, survivors! Colony combat, aggressive animals, Colonist Conditions, revised Trading, a new level to your gate and more. Update 6: Hostile World is here!

With this update, your game version should be on PC and on Xbox. And as always, keep that feedback coming, survivors! <3


  • Combat mechanics added:
    • Specialists can now be selected and commanded directly in the colony.
    • Box selection for specialists.
    • Neutral and aggressive wild animals now roam the colony.
    • Bandits can come to the gate with their demands, which can eventually end up in combat between the colony and the bandits.
    • Some wild animals will protect deposits and need to be cleared out before taking advantage of the resource deposit.
  • Trade improvements:
    • Societies now offer expiring offers and demands that can be traded to improve reputation with the Society.
    • Reputation now affects the prices of goods.
    • Trade items can now be easily canceled with the right mouse button or by pressing a button on the gamepad.
  • Tech tree improvements:
    • Research progress is now shown as a notification.
    • Major and minor techs are now more distinct from each other.
    • Every tech has a category icon next to it to help spot what they do at a glance.
  • [Community Request] Sound effect from the happiness increase has been changed from 2D sound effect to 3D sound effect to make it less invasive when managing larger colonies.
  • New wild animals added: Rat, Rat Beetle, Wild Hog, Majestic Deer, Killer Kodiak, and Sand Worm.
  • New vehicles added: Offroader and Van.
  • Camera pan moved from the left mouse button to the right mouse button.
  • Outhouse building added to improve hygiene early in the game.
  • The mouse scroll wheel now works properly in the building selection menu.
  • Buttons now usually respond to button up events rather than to button-down events.
  • Some of the tooltips are now shown with a delay rather than instantly.
  • Gate now has 3 upgrade levels, which improve the colony defense during combat.
  • Society Reputation now varies between -1000 and 1000, instead of 0 to 1000.


  • Specialists now have to be ordered to leave the colony instead of automatically appearing on the world map, and they visually run out through the gate.
  • Health bars are now shown for colonists, specialists, and buildings when they have received damage.


  • Colonist animation states and blending improved. This will reduce Incorrect animations played by colonists at the end of their travel paths or run animations used with walking speed etc.
  • Information dialog shown when the survivor group arrives at the game now fills the whole screen instead of being a popup.
  • Colonist and Specialist path visualization improved.
  • Selection rings added to specialists and colonists in the colony view.
  • World map lines and circles are now rendered in a pixel-perfect way.
  • Cloud rendering added to the colony and world map.
  • Old colonist models were still used in some buildings and have now been replaced with the new ones.
  • Pregame and Society screen flag banner was replaced with a proper 3D banner.


  • Gate now employs colonists as Guards to defend the colony during attacks.


  • Parts of mods are now loaded before entering the Pregame, this allows modding new parts of the game. For now, SymbolTemplate has been added to add new colony symbols.
  • Combat events can now be created using the event XML format.
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