“Update 4: Great Minds” Patch Notes

2020-02-06 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Hello, Survivors!

We have another new update for Surviving the Aftermath! Update 4: Great Minds focuses on a new and enhanced tech tree, society leaders and several gameplay and balancing improvements. As always, thank you and all your great minds for your feedback, and keep it coming! 

With this update, your game version should be for PC and for Xbox.




  • Completely new Tech tree with new techs and tech types!
    • 79 techs to unlock In total.
    • Inside each main line there are alternative routes and optional sub-branches.
    • Techs now unlock buildings and as a new feature, other improvements as well.
    • Unlocking tech now also requires time in addition to science points.
  • [Community request] Specialists and Vehicles can now be automatically sent back to the colony. 
  • Hovering over resources in Storage buildings will now show a tooltip with the name of the resource.
  • Updates to Twitch integration settings.
  • Survivor group icon at the gate will no longer disappear during save & load.
  • Improvements to command handling in the World Map.
  • Hovering over multiple overlapping objects in the colony now works in a more intuitive way.
  • Water quality setting is now correctly selected with the running GPU type.
  • Time of day and speed controls now have tooltips.
  • Multiple localization issues fixed.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out keybindings reversed for correct behaviour.
  • Status of persons clothes and tools are now shown as color bars in the person’s info panel.
  • Xbox: Mouse cursor is no longer visible in the Main Menu when launching the game.


  • Societies now have Leaders and they can be interacted with! This will be improved in the future with new mechanics to interact with societies, improved trading etc.
    • Selecting a society in the world map opens a society menu where the leader greets the player in different ways based on the reputation level.
  • [Community request] World map movement lines now show how many days each movement action will take to complete. 
  • Fixes to the Vehicle repair system:
    • More assigned Specialists means faster repairs.
    • Vehicles take damage while traveling on the World Map.
    • Fuel resource is used to repair the damage.
    • Garage UI now properly updates while the info panel is open.
  • Trapper efficiency now correctly changes after trees are cut from the work area.
  • Medicine and Iodine amounts are now correctly shown in the top bar.
  • Amount of survivors in a survivor group will no longer scale too much with the population.
  • Large plank deposit added, with multiple graphical variations.
  • Seven new events added with new illustrations.


  • General visual overhaul was done to the game:
    • Post processing and lighting greatly improved.
    • Normal maps for most of the objects improved.
    • Height variation added to full grown trees.
    • Ground texture improvements.
  • Concrete extractor no longer rotates incorrectly during animation.
  • All colonist 3D models have been updated.
  • Specialist 3D models now display additional items on the world map. Can’t venture into the wasteland without the proper equipment!
  • Vehicle and their damage models improved, sounds were added to vehicles.
  • Crops are now correctly aligned in the medium sized field.
  • Food storage building model changed.
  • Gate now has banners with the colony symbol instead of a flag.
  • Gate now opens when accepting a survivor group.
  • Colonists and Specialists now have variations to their idle animations.
  • Depleting large resource deposits can be seen visually in the 3D model.



  • [Community request] Birth rate algorithm in the colony has been changed, this should reduce the amount of babies born in the colony. 
  • Sawmill now needs to be unlocked in the tech tree and uses Energy.
  • Several “un-teched” building values adjusted down to balance them with the new Techs.
  • Reduced the amount of Fiber production from Trapper, Recycler and Plastic Extractor.
  • Sunflower seeds can now be gained from events.
  • Locations now have more Science Points to compensate for the greatly increased tech count.
  • Catastrophe warning time reduced to one day without a Radar, which increases it to three.
  • Number of vehicles on the World Map reduced slightly.
  • Soybean yield decreased, insect farm production increased to compensate for spending more resources on them.
  • Increased the time Specialists need to recover back to full health.
  • Increased the amount of resources Specialists scavenge per action.


  • Added support for setting building animations and state through WorkStateConfig.
  • Added support for adding DamageVisualizer to building prefabs to show custom building damage models.
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