Update 12 Nuclear Winter Patch Notes

2020-12-03 News
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This event is unlike any other. It features a shorter Fall and Spring time as well as the actual Winter.

Fall happens at the beginning of the catastrophe cycle. During it, the colonists can get the Cold condition that makes them more vulnerable to Infection. Crops start withering and if the Ranches are not heated, the animals will stop reproducing.

Winter comes after a few days of Fall. During the snowy season, the colonists are susceptible to Hypothermia. If left untreated, the colonists will eventually die from it. Colonists can cure Hypothermia by going to sleep in their homes if the home is heated. 

If their home is not heated, the colonists should seek available spaces in other homes that are heated. 

If the Ranch is left without warmth, the animals there will die over time. If any Crops are still left on the fields, they will die from the cold as well.

Added two new buildings to help heat things up:

  • The Burner uses Firewood to warm housing buildings around it. This can be built right after you have invited your colonists into the colony.
  • The Radiator uses energy to warm housing buildings around it. You must unlock the tech Powered Heaters to be able to build this.

Removed the Logging Camp building from the Communal Eating Tech and added it straight to the Build Menu. It can be built after you have invited the colonists into your colony.

Clothes will help slow down Hypothermia but they cannot prevent it completely.

If the workplace of a colonist is within the Work Area of a building that produces heat, the colonist will not be colder.

Some buildings will also be completely unusable during the winter. These include but are not limited to the Fields, Fishing Hut, Aqua Farm, Water Pump, Water Collector. 

Spring arrives after the cold and long Winter. During this phase, colonists can no longer get Hypothermia but the temperature is not warm enough to cure it either. Fields will still be suffering from the cold and be unusable


  • The Temperature overlay will help to survive the new Winter catastrophe.
  • Fertility overlay suggested by the Community.


This will expand the feature added in the previous update.

These quests will now feature locations that have Bandits on them. You will need to first defeat the Bandit to gain access to the location to complete the quest.


Specialists now scavenge locations on the World Map based on time instead of APs. The entire action has been reworked so that you no longer need to command them one by one and the action should feel smoother than before.

Commanding a Specialist to a location to scavenge and immediately canceling that action will not affect the Specialist.

Leaving a Specialist to a location to scavenge and then returning and selecting Finish Mission should allow you to stop their scavenging action and receive some resources based on the time they spent there. Selecting Finish Mission will open up a pop up that shows you the exact amount of resources.

Allowing your Specialist to stay in the location until it is empty should trigger the same pop up once you select the Specialist. You should then be able to command them as normal.

If the Specialist dies in the location due to hazards, you will see the animation once you go to the World Map and select the Specialist. This should prevent you from missing the death as you might have before.

While the specialist is in the middle of scavenging, you should be able to see an icon on top of them. Once they are done, you should see a pulse in their Action Point indicator, similar to the one shown in the colony on the World Map button to indicate that they are ready for action. The Specialist should also be doing an animation that indicates the same thing.

Selecting a Specialist will now show floaters on top of all deposits in the colony the Specialists can gather from. This should help with gathering resources around the colony with the Specialists.


  • Fixed an issue where Steam Achievements would not be unlocked properly once the required task is completed.
  • The Overlay menu should now be closed if the player clicks anywhere else than the menu itself.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltips would show double the amount of resources after the game was saved and loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for the Stockpile would show the amount of Rare Metals inside its work area even though the Stockpile cannot be used to scavenge these.
  • Removed tooltips that were in the color coded bars in different techs in the Tech Tree and added them to the legend shown in the bottom left of the Tech Tree.
  • The Colonists, Resources, and Buildings categories of the Statistics Menu have been completely redone. All pages now show much more details of the objects in question. Also removed scrolling lists and instead added pages to each category to help with navigation.
  • Fixed two major issues with the Ranch: one caused the animals to become stuck while traveling to another Ranch and the second one would cause the entire Ranch to be empty when the game was loaded.
  • Added tier 3 version of Clothes, Tools, and Weapons into the game. Players can produce these items in the Tailor, Toolshop and Gunsmith but also buy them from other societies, find them in the World Map locations, and gain them as rewards from quests.
  • Added new tutorials to the game for Temperature and Resources and adjusted some of the older ones. Some more tutorials should now get automatically completed if the tasks asked by it have already been done.
  • Vehicles found on the World Map should no longer be broken when they are discovered. Their durability has also been improved.
  • The order in the top bar has been changed. Some resources have been added to be constantly visible that were not before. Another category has been added as well which includes some resources that were previously visible.
  • Fixed an issue that caused resources that were gained from events before the gate was built to disappear. They should now be spawned near your Campsite.
  • Gate Ruins should no longer be highlighted in the Buildings Overlay.
  • Leader archetype has been removed from Specialists that still had it. They have now been changed into another type of Specialist.


  • Selection outlines are now anti-aliased.
  • Graphical improvements to 3D floater system and buildings now also use 3D floaters.
  • The World Map will now show visual effects if visited while there is a catastrophe ongoing in the colony. Each catastrophe has its own unique visual effect on the entire home sector.
  • Added lights and animated props to several buildings.
  • The icon for Action Points in the Specialist info panel has been updated.
  • New floater for Specialists in the colony.
  • The Person Info panel now shows tooltips as well.
  • Updated the visual look of the locations spawned on the World Map for quests. These should now be even easier to spot while completing a quest.
  • The Overlay legend panels should now have tooltips as well.
  • The Overlay colors have been tweaked.
  • Adjusted the idle animations of the Bandits on the World Map.
  • Added missing pollution effects to few buildings.
  • Fixed the colliders on a few buildings, which will make it easier to select these buildings. Buildings include the Tenement, the School, the Maintenance Depot, and the Logging camp.


  • Specialists can now be sent to the World Map even with very little health.
  • Reduced the amount of Science Points gained from several quests.
  • Reduced the amount of time trading takes as the societies are now further away from your colony.
  • Improved Vehicle durability.
  • Increased the amount of Metal and Plastic produced by the Scrapper and the Recycler per cycle but also slightly increased the production time itself.
  • Increased the amount of concrete in large concrete deposits to help with larger colonies.
  • Increased the speed of all extractors based on Community feedback.
  • Extractors should no longer pollute their surroundings as much as before.
  • Ranch animals will now produce more of their byproducts but at a slower rate. This should help with the workload for the carriers.
  • Meteors hitting the ground during Meteor Shower will now do a bit more damage around the area of impact.
  • Malnutrition can now cause colonists to die if left untreated for too long.
  • The pollution cloud that comes from pollution deposits now does a bit more damage around it.
  • Adjusted the building repair costs so that they are more aligned with the building costs.
  • Reverted the changes to the Bore Well so that it should now be just as effective on any type of soil as it was before the last update.
  • The size of the work area for the Transformers has been slightly increased.
  • The sandworm now makes slightly less damage and has a slightly smaller range.
  • Adjusted the resources and amounts found in the locations on the World Map.
  • Hazards in locations now deal the maximum damage shown in their panels.
  • The Outhouse and the Sauna should now generate less pollution around them and also they themselves get polluted slower.
  • Increased further the resilience of some crops to the effects of catastrophes. This change applies to the crops that already had better resilience mentioned in their descriptions.
  • Colonists can now get the Injured condition from damage that they get when a catastrophe effect occurs near them, for example, if a meteor falls right next to them, they can now become injured.
  • The colonists should now flee combat with a higher amount of health still remaining. This should allow them a better chance to get treatment and survive possible injuries sustained in combat.
  • New colonists coming into the colony will now have more random values for their nutrition. This should add variation to their dietary needs.
  • Slightly increased the size of the Work Area on the Guard Post.
  • Buildings that require several different resources to produce something will wait for all resources to be available before taking the resources to the building. This should prevent situations where for example a Cookhouse would take in precious Food but not produce anything from it because of lack of Firewood.
  • Slightly increased the rate hygiene is restored and decreased the rate it decreases for colonists.
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