Update 10: Uncharted Lands patch notes

2020-09-17 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Hello Survivors!

Update 10: Uncharted Lands is now live! This update brings improvements to the new early game experience, a revamped Energy production and distribution system, graphical improvements and much more!

With this update, your version should be on PC and on Xbox.



  • Due to various changes in several core systems of the game, any saves made with older versions of the game cannot be continued after updating your game to this version.
  • Unity version updated to 2019.4
  • The game is now compiled with IL2CPP technology, which will significantly improve loading times and performance on PC, especially on lower end devices. The technology was already in use on Xbox.
  • Memory usage reduced with multiple different improvements, should remove most of the crashes on Xbox and on low end PCs.
  • Colony Exploration:
    • Game now starts with most of the colony map covered in fog and only a limited area for building.
    • By commanding your specialists to explore the area surrounding your colony you will be able to remove the fog and expand the area where you can place buildings and also discover deposits and wild animals.
    • To help with exploration of the colony a new Specialist Selection Menu has been added to the top of the screen:
      • You can now see all your specialists in a list and select them from this menu.
      • Specialists in another view will be shown as grey (Colony / World Map).
      • If a specialist has low health, it will be clearly indicated with a red glow on their portrait.
      • This menu can be accessed by pressing Y on the controller.
      • Selecting a specialist from the colony or world map will highlight the corresponding specialist from the menu.
      • If you select a Specialist from the menu that is currently in another view, you will be swapped over to that view.
    • Two events have been added to the beginning that advise how to move forward in the game.
  • Energy system update:
    • The energy system has received an update so that it now works similarly to the water system.
      • You will now need to have a Transformer building close to any energy consuming buildings in order for them to work.
      • Transformer buildings will have a work area around them and they will provide energy to all the buildings inside this area.
      • Unlike the Water system, you will also need to have either an energy producing building or an energy storage inside the effective area of the transformer for it to function.
        • You can also power this transformer by placing it so that its work area overlaps with another transformer’s work area that has an energy providing building.
        • Transformers with overlapping work areas will create an energy grid that will power all energy consuming buildings within the work areas of these transformers.
      • Energy producing buildings will produce energy for the colony regardless of their location. If the building is not close to a transformer, any energy it produces will be stored in energy storing buildings.
      • All energy storing buildings must be within a work area of a transformer in order for them to work. Any energy storing building outside these work areas will not store or provide any energy to the colony.


  • Colonist aging.
    • Colonists will continue aging even after reaching adulthood and they will become elders after a certain amount of time.
    • Age of colonists is shown in the colonist info panel (child/adult/elder).
    • Colonists can now die naturally after reaching old age (becoming elders).
      • When this happens a notification will appear that states “Died of old age”.
    • Elders are included in survivor groups as well.
    • Birth rate has been slightly increased to ensure the colony can keep expanding even with colonists dying of old age.
    • Added notifications for when a colonist is born and when they become elders.
  • Contaminated Food.
    • Food has a new parameter that describes their contamination level. 
    • Each food type is more or less contaminated, meaning that eating them gives a small dose of pollution to colonists.
      • Only canned and preserved food from the times before the end are pollution free, but they can be only acquired from the world map or through trading.
    • Colonists won’t prioritize clean over polluted food. They must eat what is on hand. Instead they focus on nutrition values to avoid malnutrition.
    • Some food types are much less contaminated and safer to eat. Although producing these food types usually requires more effort. For instance, venison that you can get from wild animals is much more polluted than meat you get from ranch animals.
    • Avoiding pollution is more difficult, so this puts more stress on healthcare as well. Be prepared.
  • Colonists should now run away from combat when their health is low.
  • Specialist info panel should now show the correct activity of the chosen specialist.
  • Pollution will no longer be stored in the Campsite.
  • When the Statistics menu is navigated with a controller, the different categories will no longer need to be selected in order to see their contents.
  • You can now view the details of different techs from the tech tree simply by hovering over the tech with your mouse or navigating to it with a controller instead of having to select it.
    • The panel showing the information of the tech has also been updated.
    • You can now hover over the effect it causes to see the details or activate the panel with RT or A on the controller.
  • Added missing localizations for Milk, Eggs and Pigs.
  • Colonists should now be having fun only if they have nothing else to do.
  • Fixed issue with events blocking saving and moving forward in the Spanish version of the game.
  • Changes to the functions of some of the buttons on the controller:
    • The LB button is now used to access the notifications in the top left corner.
    • The RB button is now used to open the feedback window in the top right corner (the blue cockroach).
    • Y is now used to access the Specialist Selection Menu.
    • The controller layout shown in the Pause Menu and Controls tab of Settings has now been updated to reflect these changes.
  • When you hover over a bandit inside your colony, they now show a tooltip as well.
  • Adjustments and additions to the tutorials:
    • A new tutorial called Colonist Gathering was added. The information found in this tutorial was previously found in the Adjust Work Area tutorial which was also updated slightly.
    • A tutorial for the new energy system was also added to the game.
  • If you move a work area on top of hostile animals you will now see a warning in the work area tooltip in the bottom of the screen.
  • Garage now has the option to select which vehicle you want your Specialists to be working on:
    • You can choose any vehicle you have brought into your colony from this selection.
    • Changing the vehicle will make the garage give out the fuel that has so far been taken there so you can now get it back if you need it elsewhere.
    • If the vehicle is already being repaired, you cannot change it to another vehicle until it has been completely repaired.
  • You should no longer receive a Water Shortage notification after inviting the colonists unless you are actually experiencing one.
  • Fixed an issue where water balance was showing incorrect values if consumption was higher than production.
    • Issue previously led to situations where buildings would be without water even though the balance on the top bar showed a positive amount of water.
  • Saving while your Specialist is performing an action on the World Map is no longer possible.
  • The Ranch can now become polluted and pollution affects the animals:
    • Breeding will be slowed down by pollution.
    • If the Ranch becomes too polluted, animals will die from the pollution after some time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ranch worker would stop butchering the animals even after the Ranch was completely full.
  • The Ranch UI has also been updated.
    • You can still open the animal selection panel to see the details of each animal however you still cannot change the type of animal in the Ranch until it is completely empty.
    • Emptying the entire Ranch either by butchering or by splitting them will change the selection automatically to None. This should make it easier to ensure you can change the type of animal in the Ranch.
  • If a large amount of resources is left on the ground the colonists will no longer carry the entire pile at once but instead carry only as much as they can.
    • This change fixes an issue where a pile of resources could be left on the ground as there were too many units in it to fit into any available storage buildings.
  • Malnourished condition is now shown in the colonist Basic Info as well.
  • The colonists working at the forester should no longer plant trees inside buildings.
  • Dirty condition is now shown in both the colonist’s Basic and Detailed Info.
  • Increased the size of the cursor icons on Xbox.
  • 10 new events have been added to the game.


  • Big updates to the visual look of both the colony and the World Map.
    • New terrain rendering system that improves performance and allows dynamic effects to terrain such as pollution.
    • New trees and grass models in the colony
    • Improved performance of water rendering.
    • New fog system in the colony.
    • World map terrain textures, particle effects, lighting, trees and props were remade.
  • The option to change the Rendering Resolution Scale has been added to the Graphics tab of the Settings.
    • This can help increase the performance on low end machines.
  • Visual look of the Tech Tree has also been updated, more improvements are coming in future updates.

Balance adjustments

  • We’ve changed the speed of both hostile animals and bandits.
  • Distances between guarding and hitting enemies have also been adjusted.
  • Adjustments to water buildings’ requirements:
    • The Water Collector is now cheaper to build and produces more water.
    • The Bore Well costs slightly more to build.
    • The Water Pump produces more water and is cheaper to build.
  • Pollution should now spread to buildings at a slightly slower pace.
  • Preserved foods now have better nutritional values.
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