News / 2020-09-24

Update 10.1 changelog

Greetings, survivors!

We just released an update for Surviving the Aftermath to address some of the reported issues we saw since the release of Update 10: Uncharted lands.

With this update, your game should be at version on PC or on Xbox.



  • Fixed the issue where a Specialist would become stuck in the middle of actions in the World Map.
    • Added a failsafe as well that allows the player to save after returning to the colony from the World Map.
  • You should no longer be able to get 24 colonists in the beginning after shooting the flare. 
  • Specialists should now continue carrying resources from a resource box on the ground until the entire pile has been taken into storage or until the storage building is full.
  • The Tech Tree should no longer show #ERROR as the value for the techs in the Russian version of the game.
  • Updates and adjustments to several different tutorials.
    • You should no longer see tutorials such as ‘Adjust Work Areas’ or ‘Change Game Speed’ if you have already performed the action that the tutorial instructs you to do. 
  • The Large Battery Rack will now need to be inside the radius of a Transformer for it to work.
  • The Work Area tooltip should no longer show a warning for the Sandworm if it is placed near one. Other hostile animals should still show the warning as before.
  • Added pollution values to some food items that were previously missing them (such as Berries).
    • This has been added only for the English version of the game, other languages will be added at a later date.
  • Changed where colonists spend their breaks.
    • They shouldn’t be on a break next to buildings such as the Transformer, the Bore Well, Energy producers, all other storage buildings, Extractors, etc.
    • They should now be able to spend their break next to the Brazier, Guardpost, Maintenance Depot, Outpost depot, and Large Streetlight.
  • Added the English version of texts to some places that were missing localization on all other languages.
    • Translations for these will be added at a later date.
  • Fixed an issue where the colonists would stop harvesting berries from bushes after save and load until the work area of the Food Storage had been moved again.


  • Adjusted the visual look of the Fog of War to enhance its visibility during catastrophes.
  • Adjusted the 3D model of the Large Water Tower so that it now fits inside the space reserved for it.
  • Updated the background image for the Tech Tree.