Update 1.6.1 patch notes

2020-04-23 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Hi there, survivors and thrivers! We have a small patch for you to tide you over until the next big one. This patch contains a few general fixes and balancing, for your gaming pleasure.

With this patch, your game version should be for PC and on Xbox.


  • Fixed issue in World Map generation that caused locations to be placed under mountains. Due to this, World Map will reset for all old save games.
  • Saving during gate combat now loads the game into identical state, instead of starting the gate combat from the beginning.
  • Trade routes are now limited so that the colony can only have one per society.
  • Health bar for enemies is now shown during gate combat.
  • Colonists now stand still instead of running in place if they need to wait for pathfinding to be completed. 
  • Carrying a body while the target Burial Pit is destroyed is now handled correctly.
  • You can no longer rename dead colonists. Because that would be rude.
  • Childrens 3D model variations are now selected correctly, instead of falling back to the first one.
  • Fields now show the correct plant type when loading a savegame where the field was mid harvest.
  • “For the Working Man” event no longer gets stuck on it’s last stage.


  • Tweaked hostile groups to provide a more consistent gate combat experience throughout the game.
  • Attack damage reduced for wildlife and bandits.
  • Reduced Rat Beetle walking speed.
  • Gate repair cost has been reduced.
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