Update 1.4.1 Patch Notes

2020-02-20 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Greetings, Survivors! We have a new hotfix patch for you all, with a neat selection of fixes and improvements to the game. As always, keep your feedback and bug reports coming, both through the in-game ladybug icon and through the forum. We really appreciate it!

After this patch, your game version should be on PC and on Xbox.


  • All of the Society Leaders now have proper chat lines when the player interacts with the Society.
  • Garage shows floaters when they miss Fuel or Specialists.
  • Rat swarms now show notifications.
  • Tech tree navigation now properly works after unlocking a tech.
  • Heated hives and Insulation technologies work as described.
  • Colonists now prefer Field Hospitals over Medical Tents.
  • Removed root rotation from Concrete Extractor animation, which caused the whole building to rotate during animation.
  • Vehicle HP bar now fills correctly.
  • Colonist condition effects are now correctly applied even after loading a save game.
  • Removed limitation from World Map movement path length.
  • Correct Specialist statistics are shown in the scavenge info panel on World Map.
  • Xbox: Notification Y button prompt is also shown when only tutorial notification is present.
  • Xbox: Fixed issues with Environmental Station performance, this sometimes caused crashes on Xbox.
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