Update 1.2.1 patch notes

2019-12-12 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot
Greetings, Survivors!

We just deployed a hotfix for Surviving the Aftermath to address some of the issues you reported. With this update, your game version should be on PC or on Xbox.

  • We improved the usability of the Trade menu.
  • Specialists will no longer overlap on the World Map when using queued movement.
  • Underground deposits are no longer destroyed when building a road on top of them.
  • Updated the portrait resolution of several Specialists.
  • Removed sectors that could not be scouted from the World Map.
  • The population graph will now correctly scale the maximum value like other graph pages.
  • Fix for incorrect gender of Bishop Specialist.
  • Multiple fixes for colonists getting stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the resource boxes to get stuck to colonists’ hands.
Xbox Version:
  • Fixed several issues where save game file names had incorrect characters.
  • Mods built with an older version of the mod tools will no longer show up in the Mods menu and will not be loaded.
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