Update 1.1.1 Changelog

2019-11-18 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Greetings, Survivors!

We just deployed a hotfix for Surviving the Aftermath on Xbox and PC. This update will bring your game Version to 1.1.5128 on PC, and on Xbox.


  • (PC Only) Implemented a fix that solves the mod installation issues with the Paradox Launcher.
  • Improved the performance of colonist simulation.
  • Improved the performance of Work Areas
  • Fixed an issue that caused the World Map actions to get stuck after killing a bandit.


  • Colonists will now correctly enter the Medical Tent instead of going to the corner of the building.
  • Specialists can no longer die instantly in the most hazardous locations.
  • Unused Vaccine resource removed from the Warehouse input list.
  • Reduced the trading costs of the Wandering Merchant event, and removed rare resources from the payment options.
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