Update 1.0.1 Patch notes

2019-10-24 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Greetings, survivors!

Thanks a lot to everyone for your feedback both through the in-game “Ladybug” menu, on Social and on the forums – it is refreshing to see how many of you are enjoying the game, and your discussions are already shaping what areas of the game we will focus on moving on.

Today, we implemented patch 1.0.1 on PC. This update will bring your game to version 4984, the latest build as of October 24.

The patch was also submitted to Xbox and will be published as soon as it is greenlighted.


  • Colonist traits will no longer be applied when loading a game.
  • This caused colonists to die when loading a saved game occasionally, and their trait reduced health to 0 or to get stuck when speed reached 0.
  • Solved an issue that occasionally caused all the tutorial steps being activated simultaneously after loading a Saved game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a permanent FPS drop because of extremely long paths being elaborated by the Colonist pathfinder algorithm.
  • The main menu will no longer get stuck when saved games with corrupted metadata are present (thanks to kfugrip for reporting the issue!)
  • Fixed an issue that caused flashing graphics and caused menus not to be accessible in certain save games.


  • Increased the House storage capacity from 3 to 4 colonists
  • Increased the Two-Story house capacity from 6 to 8 colonists
  • Gate storage increased.
    • This should mitigate the critical issues reported with this feature, such as loss of goods scavenged by Specialists
    • We are working on a proper fix for this feature that will be implemented in a future patch.
  • Increased the amount of concrete by 50%
  • Reduced the water consumption rate by 50%
  • Metal can now be found in larger quantities in the World Map.
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