Silver Update Changelog

2021-05-20 News
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A new way of scouting in the colony has been implemented.

  • Previously the scouting was done by the Specialists and the colonists.
  • Now your Campsite and its upgrades as well as the new building Scout Tower and its upgrade Guard Post will do the scouting for you.
  • The scouting is done little by little automatically for all buildings, but the Tower buildings will need to have a colonist working in them for them to scout.
  • The first upgrade to the Campsite, the Mission Control will scout faster than the Campsite and the second upgrade, the Command Center will scout the entire colony very fast.
  • When placing one of these buildings, you will see a circle around them which indicates the range of the scout.
  • Scouting will first be faster but slow down with time as the distance to the building is larger.
  • The Scout Tower is immediately visible in the Build Menu and can be built after the Gate has been built. With this change, the colonists and Specialists can no longer be commanded to move to the fog and they cannot be used to clear it.

World Map Combat has been renewed.

  • Most locations will now have several bandits in them. You can see the amount of bandits from the number in the bandit portrait.
  • Each bandit will deal a small amount of damage to their combatants. This damage however will now be divided between the Specialists attacking the bandits.
  • After each turn, the amount of bandits in the combat will be decreased based on how much damage the Specialists caused to the group.
  • You can also now see a clearer Balance of Power prediction of the combat before commanding your Specialist to attack. This meter will show you an estimate of the outcome of the combat. Adding or removing a Specialist will be reflected in this meter.

Two new types of Outposts have been added to the game.

  • The first type is the Research Outpost.
    – This outpost will produce Science Points on a daily basis that are automatically added to the colony’s amount of Science Points.
    – The effectiveness of the Research Outpost is based on the biome of the sector and the amount of Science locations in the sector. You can spot these locations by the floaters on top of them.
  • The second type is the Survivor Outpost.
    – This outpost will attract survivors to it who can then be sent to the colony. Please note that if your colony has too many colonists already, the survivors cannot be sent to it.
  • The effectiveness of this outpost is based on the biome alone.
  • You can see the effectiveness of a sector for these outposts from the new Sector Info panel that is shown in the bottom right corner above the World Map / Colony button.
  • The panel will also show you who is the holder of that sector, its hostility, and its biome. It will also show you if the sector is walkable and if you could build an outpost to the sector.
  • Bandits in the sectors can also affect the effectiveness.
  • The previous type of outpost can also still be built, it is now called the Transport Station.
    – This outpost is used in the same way as before, moving on top of it will make the Specialists drop their resources so that they will be transported to the colony.
    – If you are continuing a save, your old outpost should have been transformed to this type of outpost.
  • All three outposts are built in the same way as before by creating Settlers from Specialists in the Outpost Depot in your colony.
  • The Outpost Depot no longer requires you to unlock it from the Tech Tree. You can now build it straight from the Build Menu after building the Gate.

A new ingame intro has been added to the game.

  • This will be shown always when starting a new game.
  • During the intro, you will see a Settler who arrives at the colony site. You must place the Campsite to exit the intro and move back to normal gameplay.
  • After placing the Campsite, you are also able to place some prefab buildings in your colony.
    – These buildings are completely free to build and will be completed automatically. You will only need to place them in your colony.
    – You can spot the prefab buildings and the amount from a numbered icon shown on top of the building in the Build Menu.


  • You can now queue techs in the Tech Tree.
  • Selecting a tech that is beyond your reach at the moment will give you the option to Queue Research in the panel. Selecting this will automatically plan a route to the tech.
  • Using the Queued Research, researching the tech will not be started until you leave the Tech Tree and go back to the colony. Using the Research button on a tech that is currently available will start the research immediately as before.
  • Your colonists should no longer get the same condition all at once. Instead, if the colony is hit with a disaster that causes conditions to several colonists, they will now be affected one by one within a time period.
  • The Campsite building now has a setting called Carrier Count. Setting this will reserve that amount of colonists to work as carriers in your colony. If a new workplace is opened but there are not enough colonists, the workplace will remain open and wait for a colonist to be free to work there.
  • The Tenement and the Shanty buildings now have upgrades available for them. As before, these upgrades will need to first be unlocked from the Tech Tree. The birth rates for each building have been adjusted as well, the upgrades will have a higher birth rate than the normal buildings.
  • Specialist tooltip in the Specialist Selection Menu will now show the correct name after changing the Specialist’s name to a custom one.
  • Specialists and Vehicles on the World Map should no longer prevent trade and outpost route calculation. This issue previously could cause the route to be longer or cause an issue where the route was -1h.
  • Boars should no longer spawn in the middle of a pollution deposit.


  • World Map biome textures have been tweaked.
  • The textures of the pollution craters around the colony have been visually adjusted.
  • New portraits for bandits on the World Map have been added.
  • New outpost models have been added to the game.
  • With the added Scout Tower, the Guard Post was also redone and now has a completely new look.
  • A lot of optimization has also been done on the buildings in the colony to improve the performance of the game.

Balance Adjustments

  • The movement speed of the colonists has been increased.
  • The Pavement road should now increase the movement speed of the colonists more than before.
  • Happiness values and penalties have been adjusted.
  • Colonists suffering from Despair should no longer stop working because of it.
  • Malnutrition and Poorly Nourished conditions now cause a happiness penalty.
  • The Dirty condition also now causes a happiness penalty.
  • Homelessness and living in a shelter of lesser quality cause a bigger happiness penalty than before.
  • Dehydration and Starving conditions have a smaller effect on happiness than before.
  • Deposits around the colony will now be harvested a bit faster. The colonists will take a bit more time for each cycle but they will gather a larger amount of resources in each cycle.
  • The colonists can now carry more resources in one go.
  • The birth rate of the entire colony has been slightly increased.
  • Combat groups arriving at your colony gate should now be more balanced. They should now be more balanced based on how large your colony is at the moment of the attack.
  • With the new Outposts producing Science Points as well, the costs of the techs in the Tech Tree have been increased.
  • The amount of resources in Plastic and Metal deposits around the colony has been increased.
  • With the addition of the Research Outpost, the cost of different techs in the tech tree has been increased and the amount of Science Points in the locations in the World Map have been adjusted as well.

Known issues

  • Xbox: A few missing textures on the new building, Scout Tower.

You can also check the dev diary [here].

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