Platinum Patch Hotfix Changelog

2021-09-28 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

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  • You should no longer be offered a Specialist you already have in your colony.
  • The Specialist menu will now be hidden when the Build Menu is opened. This will prevent the two menus from overlapping on smaller screens.
  • Sandworms should change their target if their original target runs out of range.
  • The Top Bar now shows Firewood again as its own resource.
  • Fixed an issue in the background systems of the game that could cause the game to appear stuck on devices with lower performance. This will also improve the game’s performance on the Xbox.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to show a notification about an event but would prevent the floater from showing or the 3D objects from appearing. While there is still a small intended delay until the 3D objects and floater appear, they should now always be shown.
  • The Entertainment category should now be shown immediately after load. Previously it would require the player to open the Build Menu twice for it to show.
  • The Trade panel will now show the resource descriptions again when you hover the cursor at a resource.
  • Changed how the tech Upscaled Tents shows its effect. Previously this would show a +0 happiness boost which was not a clear indication of the effect of the tech.
  • Fixed various issues that would cause errors to occur in the background of the game. These errors could cause the colonists to become stuck suddenly.
  • Added translations for the Outposts help menu entry.
  • Colonists should no longer get the “Slept on the ground” happiness debuff if they are living in a Crowded Tent.
  • Added a failsafe for corrupted saves. Unfortunately, this will not prevent resources or the Tech Tree from resetting back to zero due to an error but it will allow you to continue the previously unplayable corrupted saves.
  • The sector info panels in the World Map should now show correctly the Buildable/Blocked and Accessible/Inaccessible details.
  • The Create a Settler panel now shows a highlight around the selected Specialist to better indicate which Specialist will turn into a Settler.


  • The event pop-up texts have had layout improvements.
  • The colonist info panel has been adjusted to add space for names of workplaces and shelters to prevent overlapping.
  • Fixed the barrel fires on the tent.
  • Tweaked the lights for several buildings.
  • Updated the icon for the tent building in the Build Menu.

Balance Adjustments

  • Increased the amount of Plastic on all three difficulties.
    – Easy should now have a massive increase in the amount especially.
    – Medium and Hard were also adjusted.
    – These adjustments included making the deposits themselves bigger so that they contain more plastic per deposit and also adding more deposits closer to the starting point.
  • Decreased the number of pollution deposits when playing with Easy settings.
  • The Colony Center and Headquarters buildings are now free to be built.
  • Adjusted the values that affect leaving colonists as well.
    – The minimum number of colonists considering leaving has been decreased.
    – The colonists will also wait slightly longer before deciding whether to leave or stay, giving you more time to react.
  • Adjusted the resources needed to repair the Entertainment buildings.
  • The Tailor and the Toolshop now produce resources at a slightly increased rate.
  • The colonists now gather Metal Scrap and Concrete Rubble slightly faster.
  • The Mess Hall building’s input and output resource values have been adjusted.


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