Patch 1.8.1 Changelog

2020-06-25 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Good morning, Survivors!

We just deployed a new update for Surviving the Aftermath, that brings some quality of life changes and adjusts the balancing of several gameplay elements.

With this update, your game should be updated to version on PC, and on console.

Thank you all for supporting Surviving the Aftermath!


  • Population soft cap has been increased to allow colony births until there are up to 150 colonists in the colony. [Community Request]
  • Fields will now become polluted and the level of pollution affects the current yield of that field.
  • A notification should appear for all irradiated colonists now.
  • All Fierce Mice are now neutral and will not attack colonists unless they are attacked
  • 4 new events added to the game.
  • The colonists will now stop decontaminating a building if it gets damaged and repair it first instead.


  • Highlight all living entities keybind is now a toggle instead and has been added to the controller (R3).
  • The Work Area of the Maintenance Depot can now be resized like other work areas.


  • Placing the Garage will no longer make large green squares appear on top of it.
  • Level 2 versions of Tools, Clothes and Guns now have new icons.


  • Gate combat has been adjusted to better reflect the level and effect of the gate and how many colonists are guarding it.
  • Dead colonists will now generate a bit more pollution if their bodies are not taken to the Burial Pit.
  • Water Collector now produces the same amount of water as the Water Well and its building cost has been reduced.
  • Cost to repair various energy producing buildings has been decreased.
  • Cookhouse and Mess Hall now use less firewood.
  • Logging Camp now produces more firewood.
  • Wind now has more effect on pollution and how it spreads.
  • Forester now has two workslots.
  • Outhouse and Sauna are more resistant to pollution.


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