Patch 1.11.1 Changelog

2020-10-29 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Hey, Survivors!

We just released an update to address some of the reported issues we have noticed since the release of Update 11: Quests.

After the patch the new game version should be:
Xbox One:



  • Added two more unique quests to the game.
  • Resource rewards gained from Quests will now go to the inventory of the Specialist completing the quest.
    – Previously these resources were instantly teleported to the colony.
  • Added missing localization in multiple places.
  • Specialists will now continue gathering from other nearby carcasses if given the command to gather from one.
  • Updated the pop up that is shown when the notification of an on-going Quest is selected.
  • Altered the way the Specialists scavenge locations on the World Map.
    – Instead of instantly getting the resources, the Specialist will remain in the location and at the end of the turn (when APs will be refilled), the Specialist gains the resources.
    – You will not lose any APs from commanding a Specialist to a location to scavenge and then selecting Cancel Mission.
    – After they have scavenged some resources, you can choose to allow them to stay in that location and scavenge more resources at the end of the new turn or command them to cancel the mission and then command them to do other actions in the World Map.


  • When placing a building, you will now see clearly if the building can be placed there and if relevant, how that placement will affect the efficiency of the building.
    – For example, the Water Wells will show High, Medium or Low efficiency text in their UI when placing them based on the surrounding area.
  • If you select Back from a Read More page (that you can access from Tutorial pop ups), you will no longer be redirected to the Help menu, instead you will be back in the original tutorial pop up.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the spacebar after accessing a tutorial pop up or the photo mode would previously not pause the game until pressed again.
  • The Water collector and the Water Pump now show different icons in their work areas.
  • Arrows pointing to selected Specialists or hostiles in the colony will no longer show up in the World Map.
  • If the colony name only has special characters that are not allowed in the name of a save file, the autosave files will now be named Autosave-Colony in all languages.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the quests would not show proper text when the location on the World Map was hovered.
  • Improved the navigation with a controller in the additional panels on buildings where you can make a selection (such as seed selection on fields). The navigation should now work in a consistent way on all similar panels.
  • The Specialist info will now show the amount of Action Points the selected Specialist has.
  • All events should now have a matching picture in the floater and in the event pop up itself.
  • The new person info now has tooltips for Health, Contamination, Malnutrition, Thirst, Hunger and Hygiene that give a bit more information about the value.
  • Fixed an issue with the Quest system that would cause the entire colony to be stuck once the game was loaded. This same issue caused all Specialists to instantly return back to the colony from the World Map.
  • Fixed the icon for Junk in the top bar tooltip for Parts as it previously had the wrong icon. It should now match the icon for Junk that is visible everywhere else in the game.

Balance Adjustments

  • Adjusted the resource requirements to build several of the buildings in the game.
    – This includes but is not limited to the following buildings: Burial Pit, Extractors, Cookhouse, Field Hospital, Fishery Hut, Food Storage, Garage, Medical tent, Outpost Depot, School and several housing buildings.
  • Adjusted also the resources gained from demolishing some buildings.
    – This includes but is not limited to the following buildings: Battery Racks, Recycler, Scrapper, Trapper, Large Solar Panel and Warehouse.
  • Adjusted the need for Fiber by adding it to some buildings’ construction requirements and also increased the amount of fiber required to produce clothes.
  • Adjusted the efficiency provided by craters with water around the colony to certain buildings, such as the Water collector, Water Pump, Fishery Hut and Aqua Farm. These buildings will now have a decreased efficiency if built into the craters.
  • Building roads now takes less time than before.
  • The efficiency of Bore Wells now depends on the type of soil they are placed on.
  • The Scrapper and the Recycler should now work at a slightly faster pace.
  • Balanced out the types and amounts of resources found on the World Map.
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