Hotfixes to Patch 1.0.0

2019-10-22 News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot


  • The format of the feedback report generated by the in-game reporting system has been improved.
  • We reduced the amount of logging from the World Map and the Work slots, to mitigate an excessive increase in the log file size in specific situations.
  • Implemented minor fixes to localization.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed an Empty Radio Station to be saved leading to errors.
  • The game will no longer get stuck during loading when mods with buildings were used.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Paradox launcher from properly log in.
  • Announcement pop-ups will now display properly when the Privacy Policy is shown on the first startup.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to get stuck because of incorrect loading of the tutorial state.
  • Catastrophes will no longer get stuck until another catastrophe starts.
  • The building damage from the Heatwave catastrophe has been disabled.
  • Colonists will no longer get stuck in the “Using a door” state
  • Fixed an issue that caused the building cells under the entrance tiles not being correctly released when canceling a building construction zone, preventing the creation of other buildings.
  • Improved the ease of selection of the Gate construction zone.
  • The Gate construction zone is no longer overridden by the Gate ruins selection.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bandit combat on the World map not to work properly after loading a game.

We just deployed a new hotfix to the game. This update will bring your game to version

Change notes

  • Disabled autosaving by default.
    • We are currently looking into possible issues involving the autosave feature.
  • Reverted changes to pathfinding.
    • The changes introduced with the last hotfix caused occasional instances of colonists getting stuck.
  • Fixed additional issues that caused Castraphes not to end properly.
  • We replaced the “Salvage” Building button to “Demolish” for clarity purposes.


  • Tools’ durability increased by 33%
  • Deposit Metal amount increased by 25%
  • Pathfinder Statue cost reduced from 15 Concrete and 30 Metal to 10 Concrete and 15 Metal
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