Hotfix 04.02.2021

2021-02-04 News
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Fixed an issue with the quests that caused save files to appear broken after loading.

  • When a save with this issue was loaded, several symptoms could be seen, for example, the pop up notifying you of access to the World Map was shown again, the fog of War had returned, all Specialists had been returned back to the colony from the World Map.
  • This fix should allow you to now continue with that save – an ongoing quest will have been removed but the save itself should work.

Fixed an issue that caused the survivor groups to sometimes cause an exception in the background.

  • This exception should not have caused any visible gameplay issues, but it should also no longer occur either.

Balance adjustments

Adjustments to Tools and Clothes.

  • Increased the durability of both Tools and Clothes on all levels.
  • Decreased the production time for the Tailor and the Toolshop, allowing for faster production of the items.
  • Decreased the amount of Fiber it takes to produce Sturdy and Superior Clothes.

Adjustments to food production amounts of food and food values around the game.

  • Increased the amount of berries in the Berry deposits around the colony to allow for more sources of food.
  • Increased the amount of Fish the Fishing Pier and the Fishing Hut produce per cycle.
  • Fish, Venison, and Berries give a slightly smaller amount of pollution to colonists when they are eaten.
  • Prime Meat now has a better nutritional value and a smaller amount of pollution it gives to colonists when eaten.
  • The Aqua Farm now produces more Fish per cycle.
  • Decreased the nutritional value of Eggs and Milk and made them less filling to colonists to try and ensure the colonists will not eat them up before you are able to use them in the Bakeries.
  • Increased the amount of food found in locations on the World Map.

Adjustments to basic resource amounts.

  • Increased the amount of basic resources found in locations on the World Map.
  • Increased the amount of Concrete in the Concrete deposits around the colony.
  • Increased the amount of Planks both the Lumber Yard and the Sawmill produce per cycle and decreased the production time of the Lumber yard slightly.
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