Enhancement Patch #2

2021-01-10 Dev Diaries News
Surviving the Aftermath screenshot

Greetings Survivors,

Our Enhancement Patch #2 is available now! It includes a variety of bug fixes and 5 brand new quests. 

Stay safe and play games. See you in the Aftermath!

Game versions:


  • 5 new quests have been added to the game.


  • Fixed an issue with the upgraded Ranch building that caused saves to be broken when loaded. The following could be observed when the problem occurred: pop up alerting you that the Gate had been built would reappear, vehicles in your Garage would go missing, Fog of War would reappear all around your colony.
  • Changed the Gate and the Campsite upgrading to happen at the push of a button like other building upgrades instead of being instant, so they are not easily missed anymore.
  • Updated the button that can be used to view the colonists working at buildings. Before this button was a small “i” button in the top left corner of the colonist portrait. It now has a new icon that is much larger and easier to click on and it is positioned on the bottom of the portrait.
  • Fixed an issue that caused weapons the colonists were holding to disappear after saving and loading the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the colonists to not gather meat from animal carcasses.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented colonists from repairing some buildings such as the tent in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the entire colony to become stuck if a resource was at the edge of the colony map.
  • Fixed the issue that caused some of the Founder’s edition content to not be visible to the players, who purchased it.
  • Made a minor adjustment to the visual growth of trees to help the game performance.
  • Made a back-end adjustment to the way the game handles the wild animals in your colony to improve the game performance.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a small UI issue when the info panels were moved in the colony view.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Societies button in the colony view to only work when pressed with the cursor on the left side of the button.
  • Fixed issues with the new Tech Tree, which allowed you to start researching some techs without having to first research the tech in front of it.
  • Balanced the amount of ideology-restricted techs to ensure they are all more equal to each other.
  • Adjusted the panel that shows what items to select for a building (such as the Seed selection on fields or the Animal Selection for the Ranch) so that the icons are now more centered.
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